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Has Frugality Made Broke?

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The frugal mindset is one of lack and thinking that I can’t afford things or even worse that I don’t deserve nice stuff because I don’t have enough in the bank. So when I see something that I want or more likely, I need, on offer, I feel compelled to try to buy the item even if buying it, right now, is not a good idea financially.

I find myself over-excited at the prospect of grabbing a bargain that in fact might cost me more than if I bought the item the regular way. This happens especially when I am on eBay, when I can get something for a song or when a Gap sale pops up.  So what is the problem with buying stuff I need or want  for a huge discount? Well at the moment, I don’t have much disposable income so I need to keep an eye on every penny. Unfortunately I am prone to sale blindness.

The thought of a discount is similar to a dieter passing the Krispy Kreme shop, once you see it, you need one. Case in point – The Gap was having a very nice 30% off sale and I needed to get some new t-shirts and tanks for layering this winter so I put in an order. It was not for very much and I thought I could afford it then the next day, I get an unexpected bill in the post and panic sets in.

My mind raced to think how I can still keep my bargain and pay the bill on time. I feel like if I don’t buy the items now then I will never get them. This of  course is nonsense. It’s the Gap and they have sales all the time.

The thing is my frugal mentality has made me a bit fearful. Fearful of not having enough; not being able to have nice things. I think this fear has sprouted from my being very frugal for years and living in self-imposed scarcity. I am now working to change my thinking.

In the end, my Gap order got lost by the courier, I received a full refund and a discount code for my next purchase so I have ended up with a better deal than the original sale. I have been actively working on having a more abundant mindset and maybe it is working.

What do you think? Am I nuts?

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