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Back to Zero

Back to zero

I haven’t had regular work for a while. My last long term contract ended ages ago, well to be precise at the dawn of 2012. I have had a bit of work here and there but not enough to cover all the bills. Now I am way behind the eight ball.

I am sort of working again, I have a temp job, where I try to make a much a humanly possible by only taking 15 min for lunch in a 9.5 hour day. I want to get back to zero, desperately.

Where is zero you ask? Zero is where I don’t owe anything above my monthly bills. I want to get caught up and am prepared to go to great lengths to get there.

It is a funny thing when you go back to work after a longish break, your mind set immediately makes you want to consume stuff.  As soon as my first pay hit my bank, I felt I deserved to buy myself a treat instead of paying the boring electricity bill.

I compromised with myself and paid the electric bill and allowed myself a small under £20 treat. I think it is important to acknowledge the accomplishment of  finding work but if you are behind the eight ball, like me, you can’t go wild.

I plan to still live as though I am unemployed and keep my spending to a minimum. I will continue to bring my coffee in a thermal cup in the morning, try to keep my lunch breaks as short as I can bear and bring my lunch and snacks from home.

I feel I need to be extra careful with spending anything because since this gig is a temporary one. I don’t know exactly how long it will go on or if it ends when the next one will come along. I am hoping now that I am working that something has shifted in the universe and the work will come pouring in.

Anything you would like to add? Advice? Please drop me a comment.


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  1. Well done for finding a job, not easy during these times. I had money go into my account the other day and felt the need to go and reward myself with something well over £20…stopped myself though and enjoyed about an hour in Staples instead!! xx

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