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Spring 2012 Beauty Update

spring flowers

Spring is a coming, or at least that is the rumour and with a new season comes the urge to update one’s look.  And with the urge to update your look comes the need to shop but before you head out the door ready to spend, the smart shopper does some research.

Most of us don’t have the funds to revamp our style every season, who does? And if you do why are you reading this blog, you should be out propping up the economy.

The easiest way to update your look is via beauty. Luckily Spring 2012 doesn’t have a lot of crazy beauty trends, it is more about a classically beautiful look.

I have broken down Spring 2012 beauty into the big three categories: hair, makeup and nails. The great thing about beauty is buying a lipstick or nail polish is a lot cheaper than buying a trendy piece of clothing.

Makeup – it looks like we are returning a bit to the 1950’s, it is all deep red lips and flick eyeliner. The lipstick is a rich matt with intense pigment. Say goodbye to fluffy sheer gloss, this is the business.

As for the eyes, it is the dramatic, flick eyeliner that was on a lot of the catwalks. The other trend in eyes was a thicker eyebrow which is quite easy to keep in line and that means frugal. Get you eyebrows shaped by a professional then has someone take a closeup photo of them so you can copy the line.

Hair – we are looking at some sexy, tousled hair, so get your backcombing arm ready. Messy buns are still with us and pony tails are not only for the gym this season. It is all ladylike but still a bit messy.

Nails – we won’t be wearing the very dark, goth colours that have around for the past several seasons, unless that is your look. I must confess I do like a short dark red nail and will probably stick with them. The buzz nail colours for Spring 2012 are a lot lighter with coral replacing red, cool pastels replacing the dark teals and purples.

There is also a big trend for a light coloured almost nude nail which will be very easy to maintain as compared to the darker colours.

Since photos speak louder than words I have put together a Spring 2012 Beauty Trend Board over at Pinterest. It has a step by step guide to flick eyeliner and how to shape your own eyebrows.  I hope you like it and will become a follower.

Have you started thinking about your look for Spring 2012? Drop me a comment on any cool products you might have found or great nail polish colours.








3 thoughts on “Spring 2012 Beauty Update”

  1. I’m all for flicky liquid eyeliner whatever the season. The best tutorial I have EVER seen for applying it perfectly is Sally Hughes’ videos for the Guardian beauty coloumn.

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