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Frugal Compromise, how low can you go?

Over the past years, since the crash of 2008, we have all been making compromises with ourselves and the way we shop.

The exclusively Waitrose shoppers have been introduced to the wonders of Lidl and Aldi.  Much to the dismay of the regular patrons of these great shops. We get a bit fed up of hearing exclamations of look ‘how cheap is this is, darling!’ while they fill up their Range Rovers.

Now where has the group that already had discovered the joys of Lidl gone to cut their shopping bills? I have made Poundland one of my regular stops on my weekly shop. I buy my soap (no more Boots fancy stuff), kitchen towel, and deodorant as staples.

I have given up window shopping as a sport and taken up the gym, even with the membership it is much cheaper and I am feeling fitter. When I need something eBay is still my first port of call.

I have become a bit selective as to when I put my makeup on, since it is summer I can get away with a bit of BB cream, mascara and lipstick. I also choose carefully when I wear my better clothes.

At the beginning, all this planning was a bit exhausting and I still am wax lyrical for the days of shopping with some abandon and enjoying getting dressed up.

I have not had to go to the depths of some of the people I have heard on the radio, who shoplift to feed their families. Thank goodness!!!

I do wonder if we will feel the glow of prosperity again. Will the Waitrose snobs desert the cheaper shops when the cash starts flowing again? I wonder if I will enjoy shopping for clothes again or will I always feel a pang of guilt when I buy anything?

These past years have been a bit of a game changer for values and spending. Have you found your habits and wants have changed?


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