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Thanksgiving thoughts

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I am in New York for a brief visit with family and to enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday. Thanksgiving is in fact a very Lean holiday and also my favourite. There are a few reasons, mostly Lean ones, why I choose Thanksgiving as the time I visit my family every year.

My reasons are:

First of all, it is a lovely holiday, where you give thanks for everything and everyone in your life – what could be better than that? Even with the Credit Crunch, if you have your family and your health you are a wealthy person. Be thankful.

Secondly, the airfare is much less expensive then traveling at Christmas with the airlines Blackout periods. It costs usually about a third more to travel in December.

The last reason I enjoy Thanksgiving is there is no gift giving, no who spent more than who, no competition. Everybody chips in and enjoys a meal together.

The Thanksgiving meal is not an expensive one to make – turkey, an inexpensive meat, seasonal vegetables almost anyone can put one together as long as you have an oven.

Living in London, there is such a long build up to Christmas, I noticed Christmas pudding in Sainsbury’s at the end of September. What about the people who don’t have family or friends to share the holiday with, do they feel left out for months? We have five weeks until Christmas; can we all try to help someone out over the Christmas season? I would like to bring a bit of the Thanksgiving spirit to everyone that does not celebrate the holiday in the US, maybe we can make some people a bit happier in the holiday season.

Sorry about the preachiness of this blog entry but I have been overwhelmed by my sister making baskets of food for the poor for Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my friends & family and everything I have.

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