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Apr 16, 2012 Frugality , , , , 9 Comments

A colleague commented recently, she thought it was a bit strange that I don’t go out much and prefer to do my drinking at home usually with a meal that I prepared.  She thinks I am a bit odd, perhaps I have a touch of agoraphobia outside the workplace, but no that is not the case.

OK here is the deal – I don’t go out to events or evenings in the pub that I don’t really want to. I don’t go out just because it is Friday night and that is what other people do.  I  am trying to get out of debt and looking at the BIG picture.  I have come to the realization that if you want a better or different life, for me, that is one of more freedom away from debt or excessive worrying about money, you have to make some changes.  Notice how I did not say sacrifices because for me an evening in the pub versus a new lipstick or half a pair of shoes, it is a no brainer.  I would rather wake up in the morning feeling good and having money in my pocket.

Oh no, now you my lovely readers are thinking I am a bit strange.  I do go out but not as a habit because once something becomes a habit; it loses its magic. I like to look at going out as an event not just that thing we do every Friday night. I see going out like ice cream if you eat too much your bank account will feel a bit sick.

Since I am not out and about, what am I doing then?  I am not just sitting home in front of my computer or the television, I take a sewing class and I cook a lot.  In the summer, I put a table out on my terrace, light candles and have romantic meals with my beloved.  Since I did bring up my beloved, he still goes to the pub but with his mates, who enjoy it more than I do.

It is all about choices.  My choices at the moment are to keep my eye on the prize to debt freedom while finding new ways to make life interesting.  Have you cut out anything in particular while on your frugal adventure? And if you have, what are you replacing it with?  Leave me a comment.


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