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Menu Monday 17th August 2009

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I have decided to join in with all those lovely cooks at Organizing Junkie to display my weekly menu plan.  I am hoping it will make me a bit more structured in my weekly planning.

Looking over the 312 bloggers that participated in Menu Monday last week, I could not find any that did not have children or significant other.  I do have a VERY significant other but we don’t live together.  We are sort of the Woody and Mia of West London, without the ick factor.  It suits us quite well as we both pretty much work out of our flats and would need a very large flat to accommodate our needs.

Living apart and eating together at my flat about 40% of the time, makes menu planning a bit difficult. It is very easy to say since I am eating alone, there is no need to cook so I will get a ready meal, a take away or just have a bowl of popcorn. This is not acceptable frugal behavior as far as I am concerned, hence trying the Menu Monday thing.

When cooking I try to make an extra serving for the freezer so I have something to fall back on when I am not feeling like making an entire meal. The one problem with it being summer, it means you are less likely to make freezer friendly stews and soups.

Well here is my first shot at Menu Monday, looking at my list below, I think I am pretty boring.  Please, if any of you single people out there can give me any advice on getting more variety in my weekly menu, I would love it.  I think it is probably easier to cook with variety if you are cooking for more people so there is less leftover.

Monday –           Lunch – Taken out Woohoo!
Dinner – Defrosted Chili with homemade Jalapeno Corn Muffins

Tuesday –           Lunch – Chorizo, Butter Bean salad with Rocket(Arugula)
Dinner – Thai Beef Kebabs, coconut rice, salad

Wednesday –     Lunch – Chili Burrito
Dinner – Leftovers from Sunday’s curry

Thursday –        Lunch –  Leftover beef kebabs and salad
Dinner – Roast Chicken, Saffron Orzo, Green Beans

Friday –              Lunch –  Chicken with salad
Dinner –  Chicken Enchiladas with black beans and rice

Saturday –          Brunch – Mexican Eggs
Dinner – Pasta with spicy baby plum tomato sauce with pancetta

Sunday –         Mystery food day

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