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Spring Resolutions


Sep 8, 2014 Budgets , , 0 Comments

Personally, I think the first of January is a rotten time to attempt to make positive changes to your life.  January and February are dreary months, not exactly the best time to give up vices or pick up virtuous behaviours, so I do it around March. The spring is the time of rebirth so what [...]

Budgets and Bras


May 11, 2014 Budgets , , , 0 Comments

I bet you don’t think these two things have anything in common but  they do. When circumstances change they both need to be revised. You are supposed to get your bra fitted if you gain or lose weight, the same thing goes for your budget. If your income increases or circumstances change, you need to [...]

The House Trap


Jul 14, 2012 Budgets , , 0 Comments

Everyone wants to live somewhere lovely and desirable. But if you over extend yourself in committing to a rental or even worse a mortgage that you can not support you are in real trouble. In both America and the United Kingdom, your home is considered your castle.  How much should your castle costs? Not more than [...]