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I am an ex-Manhattanite that now very happily has been living in London for over ten years (glup!)

I am a portfolio careerist, which means I where a lot of hats. You should see my hat rack. Most recently, I have been a writer, Acting Bookings Editor, a fashion stylist, a secret Tweeter and a Lean Life Coach (Work with Me). I have written a feature for the July 2012 issue of Glamour UK titled ‘How to get everything cheaper’.

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Lean Times Tools


Jun 23, 2014 Frugality , , , 3 Comments

Being Lean should not be difficult or time consuming. I have a few tools I keep around the house to make living Lean a bit easier. I have small spatulas in different parts of the house – one in the bathroom to every last bit of skin cream out of jars and one in the [...]

Menu Monday 16th June 2014


Jun 16, 2014 2 Comments

The World Cup has begun;  football fever has hit London. We are all about Brazil so I thought I might put a bit of Brazilian food on the menu.  I do love black beans and rice – thrifty and satisfying. In other news – Style NOT Fashion is FREE on Amazon today (16th only) – [...]