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A-Z of Frugality


Mar 31, 2014 Frugality , 1 Comment

There are so many ways to say and to stay frugal so I have made a little alphabet list for you.     Accountablity Budget Cooking Debt Effort Freedom Growing your own vegetables, herbs, chickens Homemade Invest in your future Justification of purchases – DON’T Keeping count Lean Times/Larder Money Negotiate the best price Open [...]

A little R&R


Mar 1, 2014 Leisure , , , 2 Comments

It has been an extremely long haul to get even near to a place of financial calm. We have watched our pennies, mended clothes, abstained from buying anything with the exception of food and necessities.  Now we seem to be finally getting somewhere, fingers crossed another disaster doesn’t hit, that I decided we needed a little break. [...]