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Little Things Add Up


Jul 16, 2009 Frugality , 0 Comments

We all think about saving energy in the winter, we keep our windows closed, our lights turned off if we are not in the room but do we go any further?  Here is a list of ways to save that will add up but not be painful or noticable. 1. Never leave anything on standby [...]

Am I in love? Not so sure…


Jul 10, 2009 Productivity , 5 Comments

My beloved very kindly bought me the new super duper 32gig iphone for my birthday.  I was so excited!  I could put all my music on it, so no more having to carry a phone and an ipod. I could use WordPress to write this blog on it.  I could Tweet from different accounts easily.  And it is a [...]

Minimalists VS the Crafties


Jul 7, 2009 Crafts , , , 11 Comments

Minimalist Crafties Every day I read a selection of frugality based Personal Finance blogs, besides the general topics of getting out of debt, building wealth and preparing for a financially sounder future, they usually write about their leisure pursuits and philosophies.  The authors seem to fall into two separate philosophical camps the Minimalists and the [...]

Hello Sunshine


Jul 2, 2009 Style , , 1 Comment

Here in London, we are never very sure about the weather. I am a bit of a lazy pessimist so I don’t unpack my real summer clothes until we know we are having a summer. Now I have unpacked the truly tropical pieces in my wardrobe and carefully packed away my winter cashmere in moth [...]