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1 2 3 Swish!


May 29, 2009 Style , , , , 3 Comments

Last Friday my good friend, Tracey and I went to our very first Swish.  I mentioned Swishing last week but as a recap Swishing is the ethically way to get your shopping fix without spending a penny.  Basically it is a very well organized swap. The Swish we went to was the first ever only [...]

PMT Premortgage Tension


May 5, 2009 Money , , , 0 Comments

PMT, most women and their long suffering spouses are familiar with the term, the anxiety, anger, and frustration but this form of PMT can affect adults of any sex, it is Pre Mortgage Tension. I find, as do many of my friends and associates that are living on tight budgets get particularly emotional, depressed and [...]