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Summer for Winter: How to Make Your Summer Clothes Work All-Year Round - The Lean Times


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As soon as I mention wearing your summer clothes in the winter I’m sure it will bring up all kinds of images of bikinis over thermals or someone wearing all of their t-shirts at once. Well, I have a confession to make – I don’t have separate summer and winter wardrobes. That’s right. Now I’m sure part of this is down to being British and there not being such a clear distinction between summer and winter here. This year I was wearing a coat until around July and then again from August, so you can see my point.

Clearly a huge benefit of wearing summer clothes all year round is that you get more wear out of them and therefore more for your money. But not only that, I feel it allows you to be more creative with your wardrobe and avoid falling into a fashion rut of wearing the same things with the same things over and over again. You can get more looks with fewer clothes or – as I prefer to think about it – it’ll feel like you have twice as many clothes!

Here are two of my tried and tested favourites for styling some summer classics. Base layer of thermals optional.

Maxi Dresses
Floaty maxi dresses have always seemed to me the most unlikely candidate for a summer to winter adaptation. Long skirts can be a little awkward looking teamed with a bulky winter coat and the idea of dressing one up for a winter night out is pushing it if you ask me. However, with some clever layering they do actually have a lot of potential.
Knits, leather (or pleather!) jackets and blazers all give summer maxi dresses a new lease of life as well as each creating a very different look. Choose plain tops to layer over a patterned maxi dress, and printed tops over a plain one for extra warmth. Keep the outer layers cropped or waist-length to avoid looking like you’ve just popped one sack over another…
Shoe-wise, a pair of brogues or ankle boots are perfect. Don’t be afraid to go for platforms either (unless you are like me in which case a pair of platforms is a terrifying prospect no matter the season). Black tights underneath are entirely acceptable too – once the temperature is getting below zero I’d say they could be considered a neutral!
 Summer for Winter: How to Make Your Summer Clothes Work All Year Round


Short Shorts
This really is a winter option I can’t get enough of. In fact, I might go as far as to say I prefer shorts for the winter compared to the summer. Just think about it: any wobbly bits, any veins you’d rather the world didn’t see, safely under the cover of tights.
The possibilities for styling shorts for winter are endless. Chunky knit tights look great and can be dressed up with heels or dresses down with loafers. Denim cut-offs also look great teamed with tights and are a good way to give a new lease of life to any tired and faded jeans. Tuck long-sleeve shirts into high-waisted shorts. Thick knits will look great over shorts and you’ll feel less bulked out than wearing them with jeans.

 Summer for Winter: How to Make Your Summer Clothes Work All Year Round


This very informative post was written by Natalie Clince on behalf of ASOS.

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