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Menu Monday 7th April 2014


Apr 7, 2014 Menu Monday 2 Comments

We are starting our week with a bit of laziness – pizza night. Yes there is a reason- I am trying to get a new site off the ground – Kick Butt Club. It is all about being an entrepreneur. Please stop by if this is a topic of interest. As a life long freelancer, I [...]

Eat the Seasons with Summer Chilled Soups or More Sexy Packed Lunches


Oct 14, 2013 Food&Drink , , , , , 1 Comment

I am always looking for new recipes for my packed lunch.  Feeling quite frugal, I looked to Eat the Seasons because we all know food that is in season is the least expensive.  On the June list for the UK was tomatoes, fennel, potatoes, watercress, and basil, among many others.  June is a great month [...]