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It's coming, it's coming, Christmas is coming - The Lean Times


Oct 9, 2012 Budgets , , 0 Comments

santa on the phone Its coming, its coming, Christmas is comingI know that Christmas shows up every year on the same date, 25th of December but no matter how much I budget there is always some bill that surprises me in January.

I think I have covered all the bases this year: gifts, food, booze and I thought of one other expense that always gets me by surprise – my long distance bill.

Since I am originally from New York, my phone bill skyrockets at holiday time. I need to find a way to make cheap calls to the USA to my friends and family. For some reason, I usually just get excited and pick up the phone and chat for ages.

I would love to take the commercialism out of Christmas. I don’t feel that adults really need lots of gifts as when you reach a certain age, you pretty much have what you need.  Last year, I asked for a new duvet cover and pillow cases from my inlaws. We didn’t need anything else that was in the price level we had set in the family. I think my beloved’s mother was disappointed that we wanted such a boring gift but that is what happens when you are an adult. You need boring stuff like new sheet and towels.

I must say I prefer Thanksgiving in America or Canada to Christmas because it is a  holiday that is all about friends and family, not shopping.  Everyone can participate in Thanksgiving since the food that is traditional is mostly inexpensive – turkey and potatoes and no gifts are ever given or expected. I adore the idea that you get together with your loved ones and say ‘thanks’ for your blessings. It doesn’t matter who had a better financial year because you all get together to share a meal and to connect not exchange bank statements.

Thanksgiving is the one thing I miss most about living in the States. I love my new family in London but there is something so special about getting together, sharing a big meal and saying thanks for what you have that is just amazing. I think I might have to watch my phone bill in December too as I will be ringing a lot of people for Thanksgiving.


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