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Hellooo and thanks for stopping by – I am an ex-Manhattanite that now very happily has been living in London for over ten years (glup!)

I am a portfolio careerist, which means I wear a lot of hats. You should see my hat rack. Most recently, I  have been a writer, Acting  Bookings Editor, a fashion stylist, a secret Tweeter and a Lean Life Coach (Work with Me).  I have written a feature for the July 2012 issue of Glamour UK titled ‘How to get everything cheaper’.

When you are a freelancer you must always be prepared for your Lean Times and I hope I can help. If you have any budgeting, shopping, productivity difficulties even if it is just a tiny thing, drop me a line at info AT and I will try to help.

The Lean Times has won a lot of awards over the past few years.  We are number lucky 13 on Cision’s Top 25 UK Personal Finance Blogs and have been listed on $avings Account’s Top 50 Frugal Blogs. We are also one of Totally Money’s Top Finance Blog.


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