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Menu Monday 22nd September 2014

By Viviana

Sep 22, 2014 0 Comments

I must confess that since I have been at this new job with the stress, the long commute and the exhaustion, I have lost my passion for cooking. Now I want the easiest, quickest thing possible which can lead to the dreaded take out craving.

I am going to have to make more of an effort for the next […]

Thank goodness I am a hoarder

By Viviana

Sep 8, 2014 Shopping4 Comments

I must confess I am unable to pass up a bargain. This trait in me does not make me popular when at airports as I can’t resist the Duty Free section.  Every time I go to visit my family in the States I stock up on anything that is cheaper over there.

Now that the Credit Crisis has truly hit m […]

I Failed £10 Week

By Viviana

Sep 8, 2014 4 Comments

Yes you read it correctly I had to give up on £10 Week. I am always very keen to join the wonderful Penny Golightly when she does £10 Week.  I think I have participated three times over the past 1.5 years and got so much o […]

The Stylish Frugalista has landed!

By Viviana

Sep 8, 2014 Style0 Comments

It is finally here – The Stylish Frugalista!

I am so excited to share my knowledge from over 20 years experience in being a stylist, personal shopper and fashion show/shoot producer.

The Stylish Frugalista is all about finding your personal style and how […]

Fashion Mistakes, I have made a few…

By Viviana

Sep 8, 2014 Style4 Comments

Yes we have all bought things that don’t really suit us. After a bit of spring cleaning of my closet, I noticed a few items way in the back, that have never actually been on my back or my feet for that matter.

Keeping my fashion errors just makes me angry at myself for […]

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