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Menu Monday 11th August 2014

By Viviana

Aug 11, 2014 Menu Monday2 Comments

This week I am on the quick but healthy cooking thing again. I seem to be extra lean on time since taking up a new freelance position. Watch out for a new post about my unorthodox way of dealing with it.

Monday – pan fried duck breasts in red wine sauce with Dauphinoise potatoes and green beans

Battle Stations, There is a Financial Iceberg Ahead

By Viviana

Aug 5, 2014 Food&Drink6 Comments

There has been a lot of doom and gloom in the news this week.  In the past month, food prices have risen and fuel is turning into an extravagance instead of a necessity and best of all wages are staying the same.

As I always say over here at The Lean Times, when facing adversity we need to t [...]

Menu Monday 4th August 2014

By Viviana

Aug 5, 2014 Menu Monday2 Comments

My life never stops amazing me! Last week, I was at home working on formatting my ebook to be a paper one then I get a call, go for a meeting and voila now I am working more than full time in a cool job for the summer. If you are a regular reader, you will know that my work seems to run dry in the s [...]