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Menu Monday 21st July 2014

By Viviana

Jul 21, 2014 Menu Monday0 Comments

We are having a little heat wave in London, it reminds me of my NY summers but without aircon which makes it much more unbearable. Since we don’t usually have hot, sticky summers most places you would go to write or just to cool down don’t have air conditioning so coffee shops, libraries and pubs ar [...]

Frugal Compromise, how low can you go?

By Viviana

Jul 21, 2014 Shopping0 Comments

Over the past years, since the crash of 2008, we have all been making compromises with ourselves and the way we shop.

The exclusively Waitrose shoppers have been introduced to the wonders of Lidl and Aldi.  Much to the dismay of the regular patrons of these great shops. We get a bit fed up o [...]

Menu Monday 14th July 2014

By Viviana

Jul 14, 2014 Menu Monday0 Comments

Happy Bastille Day! I know this holiday doesn’t have much bearing for people outside of France and its territories but it does give me a bit of inspiration for finding new recipes.

Monday – My beloved is cooking – pan fried Sea Bass, mystery potatoes and veg

Tuesday - fresh plum tomato sa [...]

Stock Piling or Hoarding? The Ugly Truth

By Viviana

Jul 9, 2014 Shopping9 Comments

There has been so much talk about food prices rising, supermarkets gouging the consumer and possible shortages due to the extreme weather around the world, I have found myself starting to hoard food.  I first noticed myself doing this when after noticing prices going up at a vast rate.

My re [...]

To TV or not to TV

By Viviana

Jul 9, 2014 Productivity4 Comments

My television is broken.  I am feeling sad but at the same time a bit challenged and liberated. I feel challenged because I don’t think I have lived without a TV since 1984.It is strange not to hit the remote five minutes after getting in from work. It is a bad habit, I know but I sometimes fin [...]

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