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Menu Monday 22nd September 2014

By Viviana

Sep 22, 2014 0 Comments

I must confess that since I have been at this new job with the stress, the long commute and the exhaustion, I have lost my passion for cooking. Now I want the easiest, quickest thing possible which can lead to the dreaded take out craving.

I am going to have to make more of an effort for the next […]

Rise and Shine Sleepy Head

By Viviana

Sep 8, 2014 Productivity4 Comments

I must make a confession – I LOVE to sleep.  If sleeping were an Olympic sport, I am confident that I could go for the gold.  Well at least the silver, probably some spotty teenager would out sleep me.

Recently, I have been trying out a little experiment;  getting up 45 minutes ear […]

Lean Tips – Prepare Your Wardrobe for Autumn

By Viviana

Sep 8, 2014 Style0 Comments

Fridays are tip days at The Lean Times, today I will be giving a few hints about getting ready for the autumn season.

I often find that I am just getting in my summer clothing groove when BLAM! a cold snap hits and I am not prepared.  I would be happy wearing my Birkenstocks right through Oc […]

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