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Menu Monday 22nd September 2014

By Viviana

Sep 22, 2014 0 Comments

I must confess that since I have been at this new job with the stress, the long commute and the exhaustion, I have lost my passion for cooking. Now I want the easiest, quickest thing possible which can lead to the dreaded take out craving.

I am going to have to make more of an effort for the next [...]

Lessons Learned from the £10 Week Challenge

By Viviana

Sep 8, 2014 Budgets6 Comments

We are rapidly approaching the end point for the £10 Week Challenge which I found a thought provoking experience.  I did not find the not spending difficult at all.  I try to keep my larder, fridge and freezer pretty equipped and since I do my meal plan based on what I have [...]

Relationships in a Recession

By Viviana

Sep 8, 2014 Relationships2 Comments

A severe recession, like the one we have been going through for the past few years, messes with more than just your bank account. After a while, it starts to impact on most areas of your life.

Job losses, I was made redundant and finding a new work has been difficult to say the least. We had a ve [...]


By Viviana

Sep 8, 2014 Economy0 Comments

Recessionomics – The economic slowdown during recession.

There has been quite a bit of talk this week about the recession being over.  I must say I am not convince in the least.  Are we supposed to believe that there is going to be a huge change just because [...]

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