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Menu Monday 11th August 2014

By Viviana

Aug 11, 2014 Menu Monday3 Comments

This week I am on the quick but healthy cooking thing again. I seem to be extra lean on time since taking up a new freelance position. Watch out for a new post about my unorthodox way of dealing with it.

Monday – pan fried duck breasts in red wine sauce with Dauphinoise potatoes and green beans

Mission Possible: Get Out of Debt

By Viviana

Aug 5, 2014 Debt5 Comments

After all the holiday excess, most of us decide to lose some weight or to start exercising more, but this year the most popular resolution seems to be to get out of debt.

For many of us, last year was not the best financially, actually for some it might have been the worst financial year in their [...]

Battle Stations, There is a Financial Iceberg Ahead

By Viviana

Aug 5, 2014 Food&Drink6 Comments

There has been a lot of doom and gloom in the news this week.  In the past month, food prices have risen and fuel is turning into an extravagance instead of a necessity and best of all wages are staying the same.

As I always say over here at The Lean Times, when facing adversity we need to t [...]

Menu Monday 4th August 2014

By Viviana

Aug 5, 2014 Menu Monday2 Comments

My life never stops amazing me! Last week, I was at home working on formatting my ebook to be a paper one then I get a call, go for a meeting and voila now I am working more than full time in a cool job for the summer. If you are a regular reader, you will know that my work seems to run dry in the s [...]

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