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Menu Monday 17th August 2015

By Viviana

Aug 17, 2015 Menu Monday0 Comments

Hello! Yes I am back blogging after a ten month stint in High Fashion photography – the job took every waking hour and all of my brain power which is still recharging. Please forgive me if I have forgotten how to write!

I am now back at the computer with a free month in front of me with no work a […]

Make do and Mend

By Viviana

May 4, 2015 Crafts5 Comments

Make do and mend was one of the slogans of wartime England since clothing and fabric was rationed for the war effort.  It seems these times, of a kind, are back again in that we are fighting an economic war of sorts.  We have redundancies, people worried if they are going to lose their job […]

Debt and Depression a connection???

By Viviana

May 4, 2015 Health8 Comments


Is there a link between being depressed and being in debt?  I guess this is a chicken and the egg kind of question.  Lots, I mean LOTS of women use shopping as a chemical pick me up.  (I have a friend that tripled her wardrobe while going through a particularly bad break […]

Menu Monday 4th May 2015

By Viviana

May 4, 2015 0 Comments

Monday – Nigella’s Brandy Bacony Roast Chicken with polenta(from last week) and asparagus.

Tuesday – Tacos for Cinco de Mayo

Wednesday – Spanish tortilla with tomato&red onion salad

Thursday –

Friday –

Ripped but Not Ruined

By Viviana

Apr 27, 2015 Homemaking5 Comments

Being Lean is all about seeing extra benefits in items.  Today I am thinking about old, ripped or laddered tights.  There are so many uses for old tights, here are a few that have come to mind.

1. Cut into loops to use as hair ties.  No snags from any metal parts. Utilize the tops […]

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