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Menu Monday 4th May 2015

By Viviana

May 4, 2015 0 Comments

Monday – Nigella’s Brandy Bacony Roast Chicken with polenta(from last week) and asparagus.

Tuesday – Tacos for Cinco de Mayo

Wednesday – Spanish tortilla with tomato&red onion salad

Thursday –

Friday –

Graze Shopping

By Viviana

Apr 27, 2015 Shopping6 Comments

This morning after going to exercise class, I got home and had hit two supermarkets and was rushing to meet the third for a delivery. Ironically the first shop I went to was the one delivering.

Ok, you probably think I am mad but there is a method to my madness. The first shop I went into was Wai […]

Shopping is a Habit

By Viviana

Apr 27, 2015 Shopping0 Comments

Yes it is – a bad habit! That is unless you need something or have planned a purchase.  Are you the victim of a shopping habit?

The signs are:

  1. you can’t walk past a shop without popping in to see if there are any new goodies even if it is Poundland
  2. […]

Is shopping a civic duty???

By Viviana

Apr 27, 2015 Shopping1 Comment

Is it our civic DUTY to go out and spend to save our shops and help the economy?

Since the big crash of October ’08, we have all been trying our very best to watch our spending and to be frugal. This is a great thing in many ways. We are finding other hobbies, most likely one that are more […]

September is Here,Time to Get Back to Business

By Viviana

Apr 27, 2015 Frugality1 Comment

Am I the only person that gets excited when September rolls around?  Perhaps it is the idea of going back to school, buying new stationery and of course new clothes.  I feel the end of summer brings a chance of reinvention, like the chubby kid that comes back after the summer looking stunn […]

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